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Cardiac Output Measurement

 New Technology In Capnography

Kodali. Bhavani Shankar MD


Non invasive measurement / monitoring of cardiac output:

Recently, based on the well-known accepted Fick's Principle, Novametrix introduced NICO (Novametrix NICO®) cardiac output measurement device that uses partial CO2 breathing to determine cardiac output non-invasively. The NICO® Cardiopulmonary Management System provides continual cardiac output monitoring. With this method, the cardiac output is computed on breath-by-breath measurements of CO2 elimination. Rebreathing measurements are made every three minutes for 35 seconds. Cardiac output is proportional to the change in CO2 elimination divided by the change in end tidal CO2 resulting from a brief rebreathing period. These measurements are accomplished and measured by the proprietary NICO Sensor, which periodically adds a rebreathing volume into the breathing circuit. In addition, NICO provides non invasive measurement of airway dead space. If arterial carbon dioxide tensions are known, physiological dead space can be calculated easily.  Several investigators have used this device to determine cardiac output and compare the results with conventional methods, such as pulmonary artery catheter measurements. The results are encouraging in patients with healthy lungs.1-6  Whereas the results are controversial when the lungs are diseased.7  There are several abstracts at American Society of Anesthesiologist's Conference 2002/2001 that evaluated the usefulness of this new device.


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