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LMA and Capnography

LMA and Capnography

PETco2 measured via LMA or ETT correlate well with Paco2 during mechanical ventilation in children as well as in adults breathing spontaneously

PETco2 measured via ET tube PETco2 measured via LMA

During spontaneous ventilation in adults, the mean difference between Paco2 and PETco2 measured via LMA is similar to that measured via endotracheal tube.1 However, in children, PETco2 measured via LMA does not accurately reflect Paco2 in spontaneously breathing children.2 On the other hand, infants and children weighing less than 10 kg who are mechanically ventilated via the LMA, PETco2 is as accurate an indicator of Paco2 as when ventilated via LMA.3


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