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Capnography - Monitoring Patients Receiving Narcotics for Postoperative Pain Control



These lecture presentations were a part of Webinar on "Safe opioid use - Strategies for reducing adverse events and related harm " (March 4th, 2014)

moderated by 

Gina Pugliese, RN MS FSHEA
Vice President, Premier Safety Institute®
Phone/fax:  704.816.5874
Cellular: 708.203.5013


Our Experience in Successfully using ETCO2 Monitoring During the Usage of PCA Pain Management

Harold Julius A. Oglesby,  RRT.
Manager, The Center for Pulmonary Health
Candler Hospital
Saint Joseph’s/ Candler Health System
Savannah, Georgia

PowerPoint Presentation





First National Patient Controlled-Controlled Analgesia Survey of Hospital Practices

Michael Wong, JD

Founder/Executive Director

Physician-Patient Alliance for Health and Safety


PowerPoint Presentation