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Capnography - Monitoring Patients Receiving Narcotics for Postoperative Pain Control



These lecture presentations were a part of Webinar on "Safe opioid use - Strategies for reducing adverse events and related harm " (March 4th, 2014)

moderated by 

Gina Pugliese, RN MS FSHEA
Vice President, Premier Safety Institute®
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Our Experience in Successfully using ETCO2 Monitoring During the Usage of PCA Pain Management

Harold Julius A. Oglesby,  RRT.
Manager, The Center for Pulmonary Health
Candler Hospital
Saint Joseph’s/ Candler Health System
Savannah, Georgia

PowerPoint Presentation





First National Patient Controlled-Controlled Analgesia Survey of Hospital Practices

Michael Wong, JD

Founder/Executive Director

Physician-Patient Alliance for Health and Safety


PowerPoint Presentation



Capnography Lecture - David Whitaker,FRCA, FFPMRCA, FFICM, FCARCSI (Hon)

This is a lecture presentation (PowerPoint) by Dr David Whitaker at the Difficult Airway Society, Nottingham, UK in 2011. This is read only file and will not allow edits. Press 'OK' on opening the file.

Capnography Lecture - DSA

Capnography Lecture - DSA zip file