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Dr Kalenda's web site Zden Kalenda Capnography Page
AARC Clinical
Practice Guideline.
AARC Clinical Guidelines
The Ventilation Vital
Sign™. Capnography:
Oridion - Capnography - Overview
Novametrix reference library Capnography Section
What is Capnography? Uses of Capnography. Principles of Measurement Capnography
Clinical Application Of Capnography. During. Cardiopulmonary
Resuscitation. David H. Walker MA RRT RCP. ...
Clinical Application Of Capnography
APSF-Sponsored Research Reveals that Capnograph Supplements Oximeter
Morray JP: Pediatric perioperative cardiac arrest registry: An update. ASA Newsletter 60(6):26-28, 1996.
Closed Claims: Overview